Dr. Winmore Slot Review

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dr winmore online slot at Golden Euro Casino

Realtime gaming has added a scientific flair to their new online slot Dr. Winmore that has not only made it interesting but also expressed creativity in the world of online gaming. This mobile casino game was launched in February 2020 but since then it has shown a lot of potential. If you are feeling lucky, then you should try Dr. Winmore and get some wins while getting entertained. The casino features a mad scientist with his robot assistants.

The slot machine has a tumbling reel system that will trigger wins when you are playing. Your goal is to land clusters of matching symbols, four or more. It is the robot assistants who add fun and charm to the game. They appear randomly, blast away symbols, and initiate cascades. Dr. Winmore is the cure when you are sick of loosing and boredom. It is available for download on mobile and instant play. The slot is very addictive.

  • Slot name: Dr. Winmore
  • Developer: Real Time Gaming
  • Released: 2020
  • RTP: Above 96%
  • Jackpot/maximum win: No

Dr. Winmore Technical Features

Dr. Winmore is designed with 5x5 reels. The lights and mechanical systems within the slot are outstanding. The game is designed to look at the work of a mad scientist. The sparkling electricity and sounds add to the workshop vibe it emits. Four robot assistants will emerge and have unique effects on the reels. They are red, blue, green, and yellow, and they all affect the reels differently. Dr. Winmore represents the wild symbol having the most powerful effect on the symbols.

Playing Dr. Winmore is quite easy and you stand a chance to win up to a maximum of 3000 times your stake. The volatility is a bit low but with the time you can make a lot of small winnings fairly easy. You get to select your wager for the whole round and it goes through a regular range from €0.10 to €25. It is a great game that will entertain casual players. This game will not land you large payouts.

  • Orange X5
  • Blue Potion X7
  • Red Potion X8
  • Green Potion X10
  • Purple Potion X12
  • Light Bulb X15
  • Battery X18
  • Plasma Ball X20

Dr. Winmore Bonus Features

Cascading wins

There is no bonus game while playing Dr. Winmore but you are gifted with cascading wins. Every time you win, new symbols will appear that might result in more prices. When you win, the multiplier will go up to 6x for a single win and then resets after the cascades cease. Dr. Winmore does not offer free spins. It lacks a progressive jackpot or a scatter symbol. The slot has plenty of winning potential and a great payout structure.

The Climbing Multiplier

The best part about Dr. Winmore is the climbing multiplier. Ever time you win, symbols melt away in some sort of a cascading slot making the ones above them drop. The climbing multiplier goes up every time cascading symbols rain from above. This happens from probably some weather machine being controlled by Dr. Winmore. Every time you win, symbols disappear, there is another cascade and the multiplier goes up again and again. You can climb all the way through in one spin.

Dr. Winmore Theme and Design

Dr. Winmore is everything you could ever ask for. From the sinister background music that sounds like a mad scientist's layer to the great 3D graphics. When playing, the mad scientist bursts into cackling laughter that adds to the vibe of the slot. The best part is the robot assistants who will appear fro time to time. The robots break out into evil giggles and shoot out lightning that destroys the symbols. Each robot is unique in its way.

Dr. Winmore is designed with reels that are 5x5, and with a cascading cluster system that requires you to put four or more symbols together, to win. When putting together the symbols melt while new ones drop from above. Every once in awhile robots appear and help you destroy the symbols. New symbols will continue to drop unit there are no matching symbols. The game has great multipliers on the cascading reels of up to 6x on just one spin.


Conclusion and Verdict

Dr. Winmore is a new slot from Realtime Gaming that has managed to steal the hearts of its players. Playing this slot will give you a different experience, from the other slot. You will enjoy the cascading slots and the wins. Realtime Gaming has not disappointed in the past and judging from Dr. Winmore online slot, they are not going to do that any time soon. Once you check its features, Dr. Winmore will prove to be exciting and totally worth your time.

Dr. Winmore online slot is available on mobile, download, or instant play. If you are suffering from boredom and are tired of losing, just set up an appointment with Dr. Winmore. It is an interesting pass time slot for casual players. This online slot features a new interesting way to win with 30 pay lines and five reels, thanks to its cascading reels that allow you to remove symbols. This slot will make you enjoy the adrenaline rush of winning and making cash.